Women Empowerment Speaker

Hire me for your female live or virtual Event

hi there!

I’m Natali

I’m a Femininity & Embodiment Coach & Author, and I show women the way towards their self healing.

Empowering and supporting women is my life purpose, and I have made it my mission to spread positive energy, and to inspire other goddesses with my own story.

Sharing my experiences is my passion. My healing journey started in 2017, I started accepting my spiritual skills which I always had, and to understand why I’m here on this earth – helping people is my purpose. I want to make the world a better place and let’s do this together.

  • There’s a female live or virtual Event coming soon?
  • Are you looking for a Speaker who adds some value to your Event?
  • Who inspires, motivates and empowers your female guests?

Wonderful, I’d love to be your Speaker.

Why working with me?

I’m authentic, because I went through this journey on my own

I have a lot of stories to talk about

I have positive energy and I can inspire my audience 

I’m always in a good mood and I can transfer it to the guests

I love speaking and empowering women

Sounds good? Great.

I can’t wait to hear from you soon.

Love and light,


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