What is wounded and healthy feminine energy?

Posted by Natali Ormani
On August 27, 2022

Is your feminine energy wounded, or rather healthy?

Very often we cannot explain our behaviors and feelings, and wonder why we act or feel this way. There can be many different reasons.

Let me explain you how wounded and healthy feminine energy look like, and

maybe you can recognize yourself in some of the following things. 

By the way, men also have feminine energy, and women also have masculine energy, so even men can have wounded and healthy feminine energy.

In the following I will focus on typical female behaviors.

What is wounded feminine energy?

Everything is due to our childhood, how our parents, other family members, friends, care takers, teachers etc. have treated us, what they have told us when we were a kid, is crucial to our life today.

When our experiences are rather negative than positive, like being rejected, emotionally and physically abused, being alone a lot as a child etc., then especially as a woman, your feminine energy might be wounded.

Being insecure is very typical, also looking for external validation, this is mostly related to each other. When let’s say a woman is insecure, has low self confidence, she is looking for validation from other people, especially from a man. She is always expecting compliments from a man, first of all when she is in a relationship. Another sign is that she is excessively attached to her partner, that she has the feeling not to be able to live without her partner anymore, being absolutely addicted and desperate for love. Concluding is extreme jealousy.

Most wounds show up in a partnership because it is a feminine quality to have the desire for love, to love and to be loved, and a wounded person can be triggered very fast.

Another wound can be being manipulative, this mostly ends into a toxic partnership, where a woman tries to change a man with a lot of lies. It is possible that she tries to keep her partner away from his family and friends, just to have him all to herself, just to eliminate any possible dangers that he could leave her.


When a woman has wounded feminine energy, she can get stuck in victimhood very easily. She can become a victim of a narcissist, then she will try to be a good partner, and scarify herself for him and her family. Chasing for peace and harmony is also a typical feminine quality, this is why she will try everything to keep a peaceful atmosphere.

Most likely she won’t be able to set any boundaries and will put up with anything, what causes even more and deeper wounds, it’s like a vicious circle where she can’t get out anymore.

What is healthy feminine energy?

In other words, healthy feminine energy is exactly the opposite of wounded feminine energy.

When there is healthy feminine energy, this woman is a loving, warm-hearted and supportive person, who is able to relate to others, tries to help as much as she can and wants. Especially creating a female community is one of her ambitions, because caring for others is also a special feminine quality.

A woman with healthy feminine energy carries a lot of compassion in her heart, is empathetic and vulnerable. She always feels called to do good deeds for her fellow human beings, animals and also nature.


Is a woman in her fullest energetic positive state, she will be able to ask for what she needs and to set her boundaries on the other hand.

Another gift of healthy feminine energy is to feel confident in her body, to feel beautiful and sexy honestly, not just playing a role and she absolutely enjoys her sexuality, which does not say that changing her sexual partners excessively means it is a sign for just having a good relationship towards her sexuality.

In most cases it means the opposite, it is wounded energy, and she tries to get external validation from her sexual partners.

When the healthy energy dominates, she does not feel ashamed for her body, for her sexual wishes and needs, because she knows that she deserves it, she is a goddess and a goddess deserves any beauty and any gifts life provides for her.



  1. Alicia

    I’m beginning to realize all the years I spent in wounded feminine energy, and didn’t even know it. You discuss the differences between healthy and wounded feminine energy so well. I believe this will help so many women see how they can step more into a healthy relationship with themselves and embody that beautiful divine feminine energy.

  2. Natalie Ormani

    Hello my dear Goddess. Thank you so much for your beautiful and empowering comment, and for sharing your personal story. I really appreciate it and I love you sister. Keep shining Queen.

    Love and light,


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