What is feminine and masculine energy?

Posted by Natali Ormani
On August 12, 2022

Everything in our lives, on this beautiful earth, is energy.

Every single item you can see is energy. You are energy as well, and you carry feminine and masculine energy inside you. 

A woman has feminine and masculine energy, and a man has masculine and feminine energy as well.

It has nothing to do with the gender, both energies are beyond genders, but it depends which of those are more dominant and pronounced.

It can be, that a woman has a dominant personality and always wants to have the control about everything, which is a masculine characteristic. On the other hand it can be, that a man is empathetic and sensitive and he is able to show and express his feelings, which is a feminine characteristic. 

What is feminine energy?

The divine feminine is a spiritual, psychological, and archetypal ideal of feminine energy. The highest most inspiring, and truest expression of femininity.

The feminine energy symbolizes intuition, generosity, and collaboration. This energy is chasing for peace and harmony, it is grounded and trusting.

When this energy dominates, you feel more grateful and there is a desire to help, support and care for others. This is why nature has chosen women to carry out a baby and not men, because this is a natural feminine quality. I want to emphasize, that men can also master this task very well, because they are also owners of the feminine energy.

Being vulnerable, and sensitive also represent the feminine energy and are often suppressed, because society says it would be shameful and we had to be strong and not weak, but vulnerability and sensitivity have nothing to do with weakness, it is a wonderful and beautiful virtue of the feminine energy.


Expression is the key and not suppression, because suppression will end into sickness and depression. Expression of your sensitivity is your strength, it

makes you human, attractive and sympathetic and other people can identify and relate to you. You will attract people, and be a kind of a role model to the world.

When you act and create from your feminine energy, you act intuitively, wisely and you are guided from your higher self.

This implies, that the higher self helps you to live your life purpose, to realize what you really want and need, and what makes you feel alive. 

What is masculine energy?

The masculine energy is quite the opposite of the feminine energy. It reflects ambition, actions, and perseverance. When you act in your masculine energy, you act more from your mind, instead of your heart, like in your feminine energy.

Logic and focus are another characteristics of the masculine, and also chasing for a reason and not to be able to simply accept everything the way it is.

Willpower and clarity are very typical for the masculine energy, creating plans based on experiences, making rules, and structures, because of the focus onto the logic and clarity.

The protective quality of the pure masculine energy is very dominant, this is why nature has chosen men to be strong, and the protector from the family.

Men would do everything to protect their beloved ones. They fight for what they want, and are very persistent. But this is a characteristic a woman can has as well of course, because women carries the masculine energy also.


Another gift of the divine masculine is righteousness. Also fighting for goals and staying consistent. When a time comes for changes, it will be welcomed, and the new challenge will be accepted thankfully. And so it is.

Finding a balance of both energies means a happy and satisfied life.



  1. Alicia

    What a beautiful telling of these divine energies within all of us! It is so helpful to know when we are more in our feminine energy, and when we are more in the masculine. It’s very powerful to recognize this within. Thank you for this post dear Goddess sister!

  2. Natalie Ormani

    I’m so happy that you like my post, and that it was helpful, it really means a lot to me! Thank you so much for your kindness and support my dear Goddess sister!

    Love and light,


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