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My Services

➳ Female Yoga

➳ Female Energy Coaching

My Services at a Glance:

Female Yoga Classes & Retreats

➳ The Classes and the Retreats are especially for Women

➳ Topics are: Positive Body Feeling, Inner Calmness

➳ Online + Offline 

➳ Bookable as 5 + 10 Card, or as a single Class

➳ Private and Group Classes possible

➳ Retreats take place regularly in special Locations (Infos will follow)

Female Energy Coaching

➳ My Coachings are especially for Women

➳ Topics are: Femininity, Self-love, Body Acceptance, Mindfulness

➳ Online + Offline 

➳ Bookable as a Package (3 Months)

“Your Mindset is decisive in everything, not to be forgotten also in your Body. If you think well about it and above all the right Thoughts, then you will receive it. If for example, it doesn’t work out with your Health or losing Weight, think about how and what you think about Yourself and your Body.”

– Natalie Ormani

My Coaching Package:

Awake Your Inner Goddess Package


Female Energy Coaching


➳ Yoga + Meditation (online / offline)
➳ Dance (in Combination with Yoga)

➳ Coaching Sessions (online / offline)

➳ Energy Healings (online / offline)

➳ Daily “Quote of the Day” via Whatsapp

➳ Weekly Homework

➳ Boni: My Book, T-Shirt from my Shop

     Bookable as a Package:

➳ 3 Months

Let’s get in touch

➳ I will tailor your Coaching Package according to your needs .

➳ A gift included from my Shop, which you can choose .

➳ Let’s spread some Love and Positive Vibes and something great is going to happen.


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