GLOW – a positive Body Awareness

Female Embodiment Course


maybe you have been guided to me, because you want to:

Shine from the inside out

Embrace your body and divine feminine

Learn how to activate your sexual energy

Feel strong mentally and physically 

Finally be one with your body and glow radiantly

You are tired of:

Feeling insecure?

Feeling uncomfortable in your body?

Rejecting it?

Hiding yourself?

Feeling unseen as a woman?

Close your eyes and observe your feelings. What is coming up?

You feel called and your inner voice says “YES – I want that so much!” ?

Beautiful, then GLOW, my Female Embodiment Course, is the right one for you.

What is GLOW?

GLOW is a Female Embodiment Video Course created by Natali Ormani – Femininity & Embodiment Coach – that covers the 5 Limbs to your unconditional state of Body Awareness.

This is a self-paced Video Course with 5 Limbs which guides you towards your inner and outer GLOW by teaching you several techniques for a positive Body Awareness that helped me as well.

I’m here to help and that’s why I share everything with you that was transforming for me in my self healing journey.

Dear sister, please keep in mind that your body is your temple, and when you feel this way that your body is more than “just a body”, that it belongs to you, and not just your beautiful face, then you will embody a life changing transformation that will lead you towards a fulfilling life with self love and happiness. Your body does a lot for you, and it deserves to be honored and accepted as your temple.

THEN you start to GLOW.

Let me tell you more about this Course

These are the 5 Limbs to your unconditional state of Body Awareness


Reprogram your Belief System from limiting to empowering Beliefs


Meditate and speak with your Inner Child and start to soothe it


Breathe deeply and consciously and nurture your Body with oxygen


Discover and open your Energy Centers – your Chakras


Practice Yoga and dance sensually and embrace and feel your Body

This is what you get in GLOW:

Lifetime access to 22+ videos and also to all new uploaded videos

Practices to achieve eternal positive Body Awareness 

Monthly Q&A Calls on Zoom. You can watch all recorded Calls

Downloadable Worksheets as a PDF for each Limb

Private Sister Facebook Group for a deep female connection

When I started embracing and loving my Body…

I became happier and self confident

I recognized how beautiful life is

I stopped criticizing myself negatively 

I realized and accepted my sexuality

I overcame my shame 

I began living much more freely

I started to GLOW

I have called GLOW – a positive Body Awareness into being, based on my own experiences and life lessons. These 5 Limbs are essential for your journey towards a positive Body Awareness and I want to share them with all the Goddesses around the world. GLOW was birthed from the bottom of my heart to serve women like you, because you deserve it to love yourself and to realize your own worth.
Goddess are you ready to embrace your true self and to start GLOWing radiantly?


Innate Potential?

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