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Stars can’t shine without Darkness.

In the future, annual Retreats will be offered, which will include Yoga, dance, meditation, detox, workshops and sightseeing.

It will be a one-week energetic and cleansing experience with max. 10 women. The locations and accommodations will of course be carefully selected and inspected beforehand which will determine the size  of the groups.

I will inform you here as soon as possible, if something is planned.

I’m looking forward to meet you and to our future experiences!

Lots of ♡ love,


Healing Retreat

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What is Ormani Yoga?

Ormani Yoga was founded by me, Natalie Ormani, in 2020 and I have made it my mission to help women to feel good in their own skin Рto love themselves Рto find themselves beautiful Рto accept their own body Рto appreciate it and to live up to their femininity and to live it.♡You are beautiful♡

Is Ormani Yoga suitable for me?

It is absolutely suitable for every woman of all ages and especially for beginners. It is a traditional type of Yoga (Hatha Yoga), which I combine with Yin Yoga. In both types, you hold the poses (asanas) longer Рit can be relaxing, but also challenging Рdepending on the situation, I adapt the classes to the needs of my students. Even with physical restrictions, such as back pain, high blood pressure, joint problems, Yoga is recommended.

What should I bring with me?

You just need a good mood – motivation – comfortable clothing, such as leggings and t-shirt – Yoga mat and a fairly empty stomach , as well as water as refreshment.

How can Ormani Yoga be combined?

I combine my Sessions with Yoga Рdance -meditation Рmantra singing РI tailor it to you and create the classes  individually. For a better body feeling Рfor more inner calmness Рfor the awakening of your femininity .

How can I participate in Classes?

Classes are held online. You can book a private class, as well as a group class with your girls.

How long lasts a Class?

A unit lasts 75 min. – I always plan a buffer of 15 min. to clarify any questions, especially when we get to know each other for the first time.‚ô°So you should plan with 90 min. on average.‚ô°

The real Ornament of Woman is her Character, her Purity.

– Mahatma Gandhi


+52 998 1577 559