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Female Energy Coaching

Stay positive and good things will happen.

Hello my love,

I’ve had a very long way to accept myself and to find a better access to myself. I wrote a women’s guide book about this journey, where I share my own tips. It’s my vision to share my story with the world and to inspire and motivate you as well! You are not alone and many women feel the same way.

Something has to be changed in our society and it is my life purpose:

To accompany women to find their femininity, joy of living, self-acceptance and body love.

Share it with a lot of women, because just together we can make a difference! Feel free to leave me a feedback by e-mail.

Lots of ♡ love,



What is Ormani Coaching?

Ormani Coaching was founded by me, Natalie Ormani, in 2020 and I have made it my mission to help women to feel comfortable in their own skin – to love themselves – to feel beautiful – to accept their own bodies – to appreciate and find their own femininity as well as to live up to it. ♡You are beautiful♡

Is Ormani Coaching suitable for me?

It is absolutely suitable for every woman of all ages and especially if you have felt discomfort, self-doubts , rejection of your own self for a long time, as well as depressions in your life.

How should I prepare?

First of all, you arrange a free consultation with me, where we get to know each other and we will see if everything fits. We will discuss what you want to change , what your blockages are and what your emotional state is. You will receive a form with questions in advance, which you have to fill out and send me before our conversation, so that I can focus on you better.

How can Ormani Coaching be combined?

I combine my Coaching with Yoga – dance -meditation – healthy nutrition – I will tailor it to you and create the Coaching individually. For a better well-being – for more self-love – for the awakening of your femininity and acceptance of your body .

How can I participate in a Coaching?

The Coachings are held online and a Coaching agreement has to be filled out and signed, then our cooperation is fix. An immediate payment, or an installment payment for your Coaching package is possible, which will be discussed in advance, of course.

How long lasts a Coaching?

A unit lasts at an average of 60 – 90 minutes – before the appointment, 1 day before, we briefly discuss the actual situation, so that I  prepare everything for you and our Coaching Session.♡ Overall it lasts 12 weeks.

Balance lives in the present.
When you feel the Earth moving, bring Yourself back to the Now.

– Oprah Winfrey


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