Awake your inner goddess

1:1 Female Energy Coaching

maybe you have been guided to me, because you want to:

Finally love yourself unconditionally

Accept yourself the way you are

Embrace your femininity

Have a better relationship to yourself

Be able to set boundaries

Learn how to live a life full of positivity

Understand why you have experienced several things

Know how to become more relaxed 

Let go of negativity, and anger

Learn how to release physical and mental pain

You have felt a big YES to one, or even more of them?
Then your intuition was right and this program is made for you.


This empowering program is an intense, and intimate cooperation with me, where I share a sacred space with you, twice a week.

This program is especially made for women, inspired by my own experiences. I will guide you towards your self love, and body acceptance, and I show you how to embrace your own femininity.

I work with you 1:1, we practice Yoga together, I introduce you to Embodiment practices and Energy healings.

All the sessions take place on Zoom for the next 12 weeks in total.

I offer you:

1x Yoga and Embodiment practices per week for 75 min.

1x Coaching session (Energy healings when needed) per week for 75 min. (I’m guided by my intuition what you need in that moment)

A daily “Quote of the Day” via WhatsApp

Weekly homework

My book as an ebook

A t-shirt of your choice from my online shop

Unlimited text messaging support on WhatsApp

This is how I guide you

I’m always led by my intuition, and I decide everything individually for you, nothing is planned from A-Z, because we are all individual souls.

Every client has special needs and her own story, so I analyze step by step her childhood, and belief system. It is important to understand why her life goes the way it goes right now.

As your Coach, I do my best to help you lead you toward a peaceful life. With your cooperation, it’s gonna happen, and I can’t wait to welcome you soon in this program.

The benefits of 1:1 Coaching with me

It’s one of the most intense, and effective ways to create the best version of yourself.

I will be your oracle for the next 12 weeks and always available for you, day by day, at every single challenge you have, you can send me a message on WhatsApp, I’m always there for you.

We will walk together on this path, on this path of self healing – self love – self acceptance. Healing is a process and a journey, and I feel blessed for your trust, and for being chosen by you, my lovely sister.

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Does your inner voice say YES?


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