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I will help you with your:


➳ Embracement of your Femininity

➳ Self Acceptance

➳ Body Acceptance

➳ Self Love ♡

➳ Improvement of your Body Awareness

➳ Mindfulness

➳ Positive Thinking about Yourself

Come into your ♡ Self-Love ♡ – Self-Acceptance and live your Femininity

➳ Do you love yourself?


➳ Are you happy with your appearance?


➳ Do you accept your body?


➳ Are you full of joy of living?


➳ Do you have confidence?


➳ Do you live your femininity?


Your answers are “no” to most of the questions? – Then arrange a free call with me.

I have felt the same way for half of my life. I changed my lifestyle, adopted certain rituals and everything changed for the better. It is never too late to work on yourself and to create the life you are dreaming of.

I wrote a women’s guide about this development – my journey to my happy ♡ME♡

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


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♡ Testimonials ♡

Female Energy Coaching

Be the change you want to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

♡ I love my body.

♡ I accept myself as I am.

♡ I embrace my femininity.

♡ I feel beautiful.

♡ I celebrate my being.

Would you like to be able to say it to yourself, that it even feels right and good?

Then I can’t wait to talk to you!


Yours Natalie

My book about the path to self-love, body acceptance and the embracement of femininity.

How I did it myself and what I recommend in relating to that.

Available as paperback and ebook.

My T-Shirt Collection


T-shirts – hoodies – children’s and baby clothing – bags – mugs and much more with positive quotes, available in my shop.

It is very important to me spreading positive vibes in the world and to make you feel good and beautiful.

If we create a program for you, you can choose a t-shirt or mug for free! ♡

Yours Natalie


+52 998 1577 559