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I’m Natali

Empowering and supporting women is my life purpose, and I have made it my mission to spread positive energy, and to inspire other goddesses with my own story.
I’m a Femininity & Embodiment Coach & Author, and I show you the way towards your self-healing with my program.

Why work with me

I’m an empath, and I feel your needs and what is best for you

I introduce you to Yoga, Mediation and Spirituality

I use specific methods intuitively, that works effectively for you

I help you to sooth your inner child, and to improve your belief system

I’m always available for you, and I guarantee you wonderful results

I want to make the world a better place – let’s do this together

“Your Mindset is decisive in everything, not to be forgotten also in your Body. If you think well about it and above all the right Thoughts, then you will receive it. If for example, it doesn’t work out with your Health or losing Weight, think about how and what you think about Yourself and your Body.”

– Natali Ormani

I will help you with your:

Embracement of your Femininity

Self Acceptance & Self Love ♡

Body Acceptance

Improvement of your Body Awareness


Positive Thinking about Yourself

My Services

Let’s make magic together

Awake Your Inner Goddess

1:1 Female Energy Coaching


Female Embodiment Course

Radiant Guidance Session

A single Session

Women Empowerment Speaker

Hire me for your female live or virtual event

Come into your ♡ Self-Love ♡ – Self-Acceptance and live your Femininity

Do you love yourself?

Are you happy with your appearance?

Do you accept your body?

Are you full of joy of living?

Do you have confidence?

Do you live your femininity?

Your answers are “no” to most of the questions? – Then arrange a free call with me.

I have felt the same way for half of my life. I changed my lifestyle, adopted certain rituals and everything changed for the better. It is never too late to work on yourself and to create the life you are dreaming of.

I wrote a women’s guide about this development – my journey to my happy ♡ME♡

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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From The Blog

Ormani Podcast


You are struggling with your feminine energy, self awareness, insecurities, an unnecessary belief system?

Sister, you are not alone. I totally feel you and lots of other women as well.
Let’s create a sacred space, where we talk about feminine issues we have, and where we support, and empower each other.

I speak about what I can recommend to find your inner peace, happiness, self acceptance, and how to embrace your own female self.

Join me in my Podcast and enjoy. It’s my vision to build the biggest and most beautiful sisterhood community in this world.

My Book


My book about the path to self-love, body acceptance and the embracement of femininity.

How I did it myself and what I recommend in relating to that.

Available as paperback and ebook.


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